web portfolio

Hi, i'm dirt! Below you will find some of my art accompanied with some fancy descriptions and fun facts about them. Above, you will find links to my active socials. This being my:

newgrounds (for high res art)
my discord (best place to reach me)
my art tumblr (for extra art stuff)
my main tumblr (for my shitposts and other me stuff)
and my github (my code and personal graveyard).

my 3D art
my pixel art

i made this lil thing in about an hour for a friends discord server icon (which went up unused lmao). however im really proud of the result, so its here! this was also the first time I ever used geometry nodes, which I am proud of.

this thing took me 3 months to finish! this thing marks a ton of milestones for me, more than i can put in this lil blurb, so if you want to know some fun facts or whatever about this then read about it here

not many milestones linked to this one, but it still looks neat i think. better view of the computer and phone screen in my tumblr post

the first *real* art i ever made in blender! circa ~novemnber 2021 - i had very little blender experience prior to this, from when i had made these two videos, but this was a year prior so nothing really carried over.